Not getting a new account after you have submitted an estimate is very disappointing. You had your heart set on getting it. You did a walk through with the manager and turned in your service agreement. Then you find out later that some other cleaning company was selected and not yours.

Before you ever go on a walk through, you should try to get answers to a few important questions.

  • How many times a week do they want the cleaning done?
  • What is the approx. amount of square footage?
  • Who is making the actual decision to hire the cleaning service?
  • What is their name?
  • What is the reason you are not happy with the current cleaning service?
  • What is the main consideration they are looking for when comparing estimates?

You’re going to want answers to these questions before you actually turn in your service agreement so it is best to get them up front, as soon as possible. The more information you have ahead of time the more of an advantage you will have during the walkthrough.

Also, you should always mail a bid follow up letter after you submit your service agreement. You should always mail a bid follow up letter as part of the bidding process.

Now, after you have done all this and you still find out that you didn’t get the account, all hope is not lost. Politely ask if they could tell you what the reason was as to why you didn’t get it. This will provide you with even more information and insight about the account. Don’t give up on it at all. That’s a mistake that many cleaning companies make. You should not hold your breath for any bid that you have submitted but move on to the next one.

However, the fact is…you may hear from them in the very near future even though they initially hired some other company. Why would they call you 2 or 3 months down the road when they didn’t hire you in the first place? For various reasons. You were probably the only cleaning service that mailed them a thank you note for their time given to you in the walk through. You were probably the only cleaning service to mail them a bid follow letter and the only one who cared enough to ask what the reason was why they didn’t hire you to begin with.

All of these actions on your part establish a relationship in the mind of the decision maker or office manager. They will form a good opinion of your cleaning service based on these communications from you.You will stand out from any other cleaning companies and you will be their next choice because of it.

The cleaning company they did decide to go with may have been all hot air. They may not have provided a good cleaning service at all. They may have been a bad cleaning service to begin with but did a great sales job to get the account. They may be missing trash cans and not cleaning restrooms properly. They may have had employee problems and not even showed up one night to perform the cleaning.

In any event, it is not unusual to hear from them in the near future about taking over the cleaning for them. They like to have a back up cleaning service in mind in case they need it and they very well may need it. Your cleaning service may still be the one they choose.

Any advantage you have to stand out from other cleaning companies is good to have. Your influence on a decision maker does not end with the estimate. It begins with you initial contact. You can and you should keep it going.

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