Sometimes a customer will ask you for references. If you are just starting out, you do not have any other offices to use as a reference. Honesty is the best policy. Simply tell them the truth. “You are just getting started.” Offer to provide the names and phone numbers of at least 2 or 3 personal references just like you would use on an employment application. An honest and trustworthy cleaning service with the same people showing up, are the qualities they are looking for. This is what they find most appealing and are most concerned about.

Have the references typed on a piece of paper, preferably on a “letterhead” with your company name on it. Make a few copies of it with the individual’s names and phone numbers on it, so that the office manager can call them if they want too. Type this information up and present it to them. After you start to get more customers, you can use your existing customers for references.

In the meantime, you should understand references are overrated. A typical customer just wants a good cleaning service. If they are convinced you will provide them with that, then that is all that matters to them.

After all, an honest and trustworthy cleaning person who is responsible is what they are looking for. This is what they are most concerned about when they consider your cleaning service for their home or office.

Your brand new cleaning service is of greater value to a homeowner or an office manager than what a larger cleaning company has to offer them. You can do a better job because you can be on the job! You are the owner of the service and they are also speaking with the person who will be on the job.

The larger cleaning companies will typically have a salesperson go to see a potential customer and try to convince them to hire the company they represent. Then what usually happens is 2 or 3 (ever changing) minimum wage people show up by themselves to do the work and rush through the cleaning process.

The customer never sees that salesperson again, and the fact is, the larger the cleaning company, the worse the cleaning is. The smaller the cleaning company, the more thorough and better the cleaning normally is. Most potential customers know this and it is a selling point on your behalf.

You can, and you should point out to every residential customer that you will personally be on the job doing the work or at least be taking part in it. They will appreciate this and it is a big selling point for you and your cleaning service.

Many offices pay a lot of money for the cleaning to get done and they would much rather pay it to someone who is actually going to be there making sure it’s getting done properly. Wouldn’t you?

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