A common question is “which vacuum cleaner should I use”?

When it comes to operating your own house or office cleaning service the best vacuum cleaner to use is an upright vacuum that is light weight. It’s not about the brand or the price but rather the weight of it. Whoever ends up using it will appreciate a lightweight vacuum. It makes the work much easier to do. There’s a lot of pushing, pulling, lifting and moving the vacuum cleaner and the heavier it is, the more it will tire out whoever is doing it.

A lightweight vacuum cleaner makes a big difference in the work. Oreck makes a light weight vacuum but there are many different brands to choose from. When first getting started in your own cleaning service, you can simply use whatever upright vacuum you may already own. In time you’ll also want a portable vacuum cleaner to use with an extension hose to vacuum around baseboards and area’s that are hard to reach with an upright vacuum cleaner. When you can invest in a backpack vacuum cleaner that will really speed up the work.

Most all offices have a flat pile commercial carpet. It’s flat as a board and generally only needs spot vacuuming done to it. With a backpack vacuum the time it takes to do the vacuuming can literally be cut in half. In the big picture you ideally want an upright , a portable and a backpack vacuum cleaner. You should also consider the weight of a backpack vacuum too because whoever is expected to use it will not want to use it all if it is too heavy.

Having an extra upright vacuum cleaner is always a good idea too because if the one you have ever needs repaired and you don’t have another one available you would really be out of luck.

Just remember, when shopping for a new vacuum cleaner to compare the weight of them and stick with lightweight. You and your helpers will be very happy about your choice.

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