We receive emails all of the time asking about vacuum cleaners and for good reason. They do a lot of the work in the cleaning industry. Matter of fact, most people right off the bat will visualize vacuum cleaners a lot of the times when thinking of cleaning. Although we did an article on this already (you can find it here), we thought we would create a second one just to drive the point home, along with our suggestions…

Just to help you along even further from the previous article on the Best Vacuum Cleaners for your cleaning business, I made this video and posted it up to YouTube for your benefit.

Also as promised here are our suggested Vacuum Cleaners for any size cleaning business (NOTE: These Amazon Links, are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we will receive a commission. However we are only suggesting these products because we know they can and will help you in your cleaning business!)

Ideally you already have a good vacuum you already have at home, but just in case if you don’t the vacuums above are really good options to consider for your cleaning business.

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