• Copyright Notice3
  • Disclaimer3
  • Introduction4
  • Getting Started5
  • How to Begin with Little or No Money9
  • Build your Business with Small Offices11
  • Who are the Clients?12
  • What About References?13
  • License and Insurance Information14
  • The Best Part-Time Employees16
  • Basic Cleaning Supplies20
  • Basic Equipment List22
  • The Routine Cleaning23
  • How to Correctly Figure the Monthly Bill24
  • The Best Time to Bill the Office28
  • A Sample Bill29
  • An Introduction Letter30
  • A Professional Service Agreement31
  • Bid Follow-Up Letter33
  • Reminder Letter34
  • Square Foot Estimating Chart35
  • Labor Time Estimate Guide36
  • The Business is “Getting the Business"38
  • The Best Proven Methods for Getting Customers39
  • Key To Success In Your Own Cleaning Business55
  • Creative Bidding Method Gets More Accounts57
  • Price, Bid and Estimate for Maximum Profits58
  • The Profit Range Factor Explained60
  • The Ultimate Chart That Does the Selling For You64
  • Exactly What To Say For Great Results65
  • Word for word interviews with office managers69
  • Writing Paychecks79
  • Hire Employees or Subcontract?81
  • Subcontractor Service Agreement84
  • Organize and Expand your Prospect List85
  • Keep your Customers Loyal Regardless of the Competition87
  • Cover sheet for your bid90
  • Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions?91
  • Make Income from Cleaning Last a Lifetime98
  • Overlooked Tax Deductions103
  • Little Known Resources for your Cleaning Business106
  • Conclusion108

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