There is a very quick and effective test that works like a charm. You can use it to convince almost any office manager, (at least 1 out of 4) that they have been wasting their money every month on a bad cleaning service and that’s why they need to make a change. Here is how you can prove it to them.

Now of course if an office has a good cleaning service, they should keep that service, but most offices do not have a good cleaning service and they should make a change for this reason. I do know from experience that most accounts out there are not happy with the cleaning service they have because the cleaning service is simply not doing a good job for them. You have this in your favor when contacting office managers.

A cleaning service starts doing a bad job for different reasons. Usually it is because their price was too low to begin with and they are not willing to spend the time it takes to do a good job of cleaning the office. Some people are simply better at cleaning than others are and it shows in the quality of their work. Especially if you know what to look for.

Office managers are normally so busy with running the office that they don’t take the time to do a detailed inspection of the cleaning that is getting done. They just assume that it is getting done.

When you can show them what they are paying for is not getting done it really gets their attention.

In the lobby area of any office, you will notice on the walls, “picture frames, photo’s, college degrees, paintings, artwork etc.” Also in the restrooms there are partitions or stalls. These are the walls that toilet paper rolls are attached too and called stall dividers.

Simply take a clean white rag and wipe along the top edge of one of these items on the wall or the top of a partition in the restroom. Do this during a walk through of the office in front of the office manager or receptionist and 9 out of 10 times you will find an inch of dust on your white rag which is very noticeable and plain to see. Show it to them because all this dust will speak for itself.

This little demonstration is impressive at convincing anyone that the cleaning service they have at the moment is a waste of money because they are simply not dusting the office, the way they should be. They should be doing it as part of the routine cleaning but they are not doing it.

The dusting of top edges does not need done every night but when you find a large build up of dust, that is evidence that it is simply not getting done at all. The dust accumulates and it only takes one second during a routine cleaning to use a feather duster and quickly dust along the top edge of things to prevent dust build up but most cleaning services neglect doing it.

This quick demonstration is proof positive that the cleaning service they currently have is doing a good job or a bad job. It is a real icebreaker and will cause the manager to be very open-minded about making a change and receptive to you and your service agreement on the spot.

Why would any sane person want to continue to pay for a cleaning service that is NOT doing a good job for them? They don’t but they also don’t want to be a pushover either so don’t push them to do anything except to accept a free estimate from you. You just want to give them something for free right now. You want to get your bid into their hands.

One thing leads to another and it all starts with your free estimate for cleaning. Your objective should always be to submit your bid and not to just mail out letters or hand out business cards.

  Tell them this:

“I would like to submit a competitive bid for you
to keep on file because things change”

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