A disinfectant is most commonly used in a medical office. Medical offices are very concerned about germs similar to a hospital environment. When speaking with an office manager of a medical office it is not uncommon that this subject of disinfecting comes up. Be prepared for it and use it as a selling point by telling the decision maker that you use a disinfectant in the restrooms.

Don’t assume that a potential customer knows what your going to use in their home or office to keep it clean. You don’t have to point out that you use an all purpose cleaner and a glass cleaner but you should mention that you use a disinfectant in the restrooms to put them at ease.

The service agreement in the “Instant Office Cleaning Kit” mentions a disinfectant being used in the restrooms. If you put together your own service agreement you should point out that a disinfectant will be used.

A regular all purpose cleaner can be used on the cleared surfaces of desks and counter tops but you would mainly use a disinfectant in restrooms along with your other cleaners. A liquid disinfectant could also be added to mop water for use on bathroom floors.

Pine-sol is a brand that makes a liquid disinfectant that can be easily added to mop water for bathrooms and also provides a fresh pine sent to the room.

A disinfectant or antibacterial product is one that destroys bacteria or inhibits the ability of bacterial growth and reproduction. Lysol is a brand name of cleaning and disinfecting products. Their line of products include liquid solutions, air treatment and hand washing. The active ingredient in many Lysol products is called “benzalkonium chloride”.

Some of the different scents from Lysol include “Crisp Linen”, “Floral”, “Fruit & Citrus” and “Fresh”.

Lysol makes disinfectant sprays, multi-purpose cleaners and bathroom cleaners. Lysol is always good to use in bathrooms regularly. Especially on toilet seats, the light switch and door handles. This will help prevent the bathrooms you clean from passing on germs to others. The Lysol spray kills 99.9% of bacteria.

In offices it’s also a good idea to spray some disinfectant onto a clean rag and wipe the mouthpiece of phones.

Certain bacteria can survive on household items and in offices on surfaces for a number of hours. Anyone touching these surfaces would help the bacteria to spread but occasional use of a disinfectant will fix the problem.

Research has shown that toilet bowls, kitchen drains, bathtubs, and kitchen sinks rank highest for bacteria. Regular and effective cleaning with a disinfecting product can make a big difference in protecting homes and offices from illness-causing bacteria.

In most cases, disinfecting is a two-step process. The surface should be cleaned first using an all-purpose cleaner and then the sanitizer can be applied.

The first step is to properly clean the area; the second step is disinfecting it. After brushing off any lose or dry soil from the surface, it should be wiped with an all-purpose cleaner. Then, on to step two which is to use a disinfectant.

A microfiber rag tends to be more effective at cleaning and disinfecting than conventional terry cloths. Just be sure to use a clean microfiber cloth.

Always have a big supply of clean rags ready for cleaning. Every time the rag you are using becomes to damp or dirty, change it out for a clean one. Most cleaning services need to wash and dry their cleaning rags very often. The more of them that you have, the less often you will need to do laundry.

There are dozens of professional-grade disinfectants and sanitizers on the market made by scores of different manufacturers. Selecting the right product for the right situation can prove daunting. In such cases, speaking with a janitorial supply store may be required

There are many commercial products for sale at a janitorial supply store but for the most part, you can use products that are easily obtained at your local store and are usually more affordable too.

In many situations, a hand sanitizer will suffice in keeping the employee’s of any office or facility healthy. A disinfectant is designed to eliminate or inactivate all disease-causing germs on a surface.

It’s always a good idea for you and your cleaning crew to use a hand sanitizer during and after the process of cleaning any home or office so keep some handy. Everyone will appreciate it.

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