How To Start A Cleaning Business On A Shoestring Budget

Lots of people wonder how to start a business. We have all been told that you need money to get started and you must have money to make money. The fact is, you don’t need very much money to get started in the commercial or residential cleaning business, but you do need proven know how to get started.

Small businesses provide about half of all private sector jobs in the United States. Small businesses makes a big difference in America. If you want to start your own business, consider a service that includes cleaning work. If you want to start a business on a shoestring budget, the house cleaning and office cleaning business is a great way to do it.

When first starting a cleaning business, stay immune to obstacles, especially rejection. Don’t let it stop you. Change the way you think about starting a small business. Your attitude plays a big part in successfully starting a cleaning business. Trying to be better at it or different than anyone else is always a good game plan when getting started.

When someone says they're not interested in your cleaning service, let it fuel your competitive side. It may not be today or even next month, but you can work on a strategy that will turn “NO” into "YES." When getting a "YES" becomes more exciting than the opportunity itself, you can embrace rejection in a competitive way that is good for your business.

Don’t let a lack of money stop you. All you need is the right paperwork, an understanding of the business and how to price the job. Work on your business and be persistent about it. Always follow through on contacts that you make and keep in touch with the best prospects on your list.

Maintain a Top 10 List by gathering information such as the decision makers name, mailing address and phone number. Keep in touch with them about your cleaning service every 30 days. No other form of advertising is more effective and costs so little as a direct approach to decision makers. This consists of phone calls, letters, and even greeting cards. Your biggest expense will only be postage stamps and envelopes. Do this to promote your cleaning business to potential customers on a regular basis and it will pay off for you in a growing business.

A mindset of persistence and an attitude of embracing rejection along the way is the real key to success in your own cleaning business.

When you get that first customer for your cleaning business, you are on your way to success! You don’t need very much money to start your own cleaning business. What you do need is your first customer. Once you have your first customer, you can count on a regular income each month. From that point on, you can accumulate cleaning supplies for your business as you need them. Follow through on contacts that you make, work on your business and above all…be persistent.

You don’t have to convince people that cleaning needs to be done. They already know that. You want to convince them to employ your cleaning service and to pay you well for it. This does not always take place the first time you contact them.

Do your best to be perceived by the customer as professional. Contact them about helping them, not about selling them anything. This makes a difference. Find out what’s wrong with their current cleaning service and offer a helpful solution.

Don’t come across as needy for the work, but as someone who is helpful.
Someone who can solve their problems and offer a solution to the problems they have had in the past. Do it this way and you’ll get better results.

Remember, your objective is not just to hand out business cards. You want to submit your estimate in person to decision makers. Ultimately speak with the decision maker in person about an estimate. The decision to hire your cleaning service is not made over the phone or through the mail, but in person. When you are ready to start your own commercial cleaning business or residential cleaning business, understand this key to your success.“ Don’t let rejection stop you and don’t be afraid of it.”

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