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 We have all heard that it takes money to make money. If you have money to risk, you can start almost any kind of business; however, for the rest of us, there is a great alternative and one you should consider.

Start your own office cleaning or house cleaning business. All you need is the right know how to begin.


It typically cost thousands of dollars to open a business, and after putting up all that money, there's no guarantee of making a dime. That's a significant financial risk but...


There is a way to get started totally risk-free!


In your own cleaning business, you don't need to pay rent for office space because you can use your kitchen table to get started. Clearing a space on your kitchen table or using a spare bedroom cost nothing and can be a tax write-off too.


 In the office cleaning or house cleaning service business, you can line up your first customer before you need to spend money on anything. Do what you can with what you have. Save money by using your own vacuum cleaner along with whatever cleaning supplies you may already have.


Most people have glass cleaner, a broom, a dust pan, and a scrub brush in a closet at home. Get them out and use them. You can use your own car and keep most of the supplies on location.


You don't need any special equipment. Buffing machines and carpet cleaning machines can be rented or used by other people whose only business is floors and carpet cleaning. It's the routine cleaning that needs to be done on a regular basis. You can provide that regular cleaning service and...


You can profit from it...every month!


To begin, start with one small cleaning account that you clean yourself with no additional help. How big you grow your cleaning business is up to you.


Eventually, in the office or house cleaning service, you can replace yourself with labor that you employ. This way, more than one office, or house, can be cleaned at the same time.
This is the ultimate business goal. Every customer is a repeat customer and will be paying every month for your service. Just by starting with one new account,


Your Income Can Dramatically Increase Virtually Overnight!


All you need is the right paperwork, an understanding of the business, and knowing how to price the job. A common question often asked is what about insurance? This is important. Sure insurance costs money, but since you are getting started with little or no money, then you can wait on purchasing insurance until you actually get your first account.


What you should do, while you are trying to get that first account, is call several different insurance companies in your area to find one that will sell you insurance for as little money as possible. You can activate the insurance policy with a small down payment when you need it, but you don't need to activate it until you get your first account.


As soon as you get insurance, then you can show proof of insurance to your prospective customer if they ask for it, but they usually don't. You will be ready because you have already called and gotten things lined up. The insurance agent is just waiting for your call back.


There's always some notice given to you when they want your service to begin. Once you get that good news, you can count on your income going up.


That’s when you can begin to accumulate what you need and only as you need it. Remember, starting with your very first account, your monthly income will be increasing, and you will have more money to work with as a result.


Start a Top 10 List by gathering information such as the decision makers name, mailing address, and phone number. Keep in touch with these people about your cleaning service every 30 days.  This consists of phone calls, letters, and even greeting cards.


Talking in person to the office manager or homeowner is an excellent idea as well.  No other form of advertising is more effective and costs so little as this direct approach. Prepare what you will say and do to get into an office to talk to the office manager. Start making contacts in your area. A mindset of persistence is the real key to success in your own cleaning business.


Once you get your paperwork in order with your own company name on it, you're halfway home. You need to know how to price the accounts right, use professional letters and the best-proven methods of getting customers All these things are contained in the...Instant Office Cleaning Kit to help you get started and have success!


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Cleaning services for offices are a high priority. They get the basic routine cleaning done every week, no matter what. You’ll never see a doctor emptying the trash cans or cleaning the restrooms, but they do pay to have it done.


Office workers would go on strike if they had to take out their own trash and vacuum the carpet. You can also be selective about who you want to take on as a customer.


 Would you like to stop working full-time and still bring in $5000 dollars a month by working only part-time? I can't promise you that, but the fact is...many people start with nothing but the Instant Office Cleaning Kit and NOW bring in that much and more every month!

You Can Succeed in This Business!


Since offices are cleaned in the part-time evening hours, you don't have to quit your day job to get it started.


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