Unless you wean yourself away from doing all the cleaning, your business can never really grow beyond the  few hours each day that you are able to work. What happens as you get older? What if you get sick and need time off? Can you ever go on a vacation? You don’t want you business to be just a job without the freedom that you could have from managing the business correctly.

Use your ability to lead others in the direction you want your business to go. Use your communication and people skills, to hire, train, and manage as you delegate the tasks that you used to do. At some point in time, everyone with a service business is faced with this.It seems scary to trust someone else with the work you have been doing, but that is exactly how to grow your service business.

  1. Write down EVERYTHING that you do, EXACTLY the way you do it- Turn it into a checklist later. An easy way to get everything down completely and accurately is to either write it down as you do it, or have someone follow you around and dictate to them as they write it all down for you.
  2. Now, start training your employee. Initially, have the employee accompany you as you do the job, but have them do nothing but observe. They can have the written checklist with them and make their own notes as needed, so they  fully understand.Have them watch the entire job at least once.You can verbally explain as you go along, but keep them by your side for the entire job.
  3. The 3rd step is to let them take over a small portion of the job as you watch. If that goes well, let them do another section, and the 2 of you share the balance of the job during that visit.
  4. Next  have them accompany you as you check over everything that they did. Point out any areas that need improvement to them and then demonstrate how it should be done.
  5. On this day’s training, have them do 50% of the job while you do the other 50% and repeat the checking/correction process. They should be using your written checklist to complete their work.
  6. Now, they are ready to do the whole job alone. Let them go do everything, and then you meet them at the job site as they are finishing. You repeat the checking/correction process again. Depending on how well they are performing, you’ll make a decision at that point on whether they can do the whole job alone again, or if they need more training.
  7. At this point, you are ready to start letting them work on their own. Be lavish with your praise, and even if you find things wrong, make sure to spend time on the many things that are being done right as well. If you are still unsure, they may need to work side by side with you a few more times. If they don’t meet your standards after that, they probably never will and it’s best to let them go and move on to training someone else.

It’s well worth it when you have 4 or 10 people cleaning the 8 or so hours each day that you used to be cleaning. It’s also great when you can hire a supervisor to manage all the people working for you. Initially, you may need to do more marketing of your cleaning service to increase cash flow so it provides income for you. But once you get past that, you’ll be able to spend your time ‘growing and managing’ your service business vs cleaning. That’s your real job as the entrepreneur and owner of the business.

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