This package will provide you all of the paperwork you need for the sales meeting. Remember Preparation is key to any sales situation. The more prepared you are the more professional you appear, the more professional you appear, the more the potential client will be impressed, the more they’re impressed the higher chance you have of securing the contract. In this package you will get the following:

Professional Service AgreementIt’s a proven job-winning service agreement like none other, It’s so effective, it was used by the F.P.L. “Florida Power and Light” company as a standard for cleaning contractors who want to bid on F.P.L. buildings! This service agreement was inspired and developed with feedback from actual office managers themselves.(the decision makers) This is what they want to see! It’s been revised, tested and proven for over 15 years. It will give you a professional and competitive edge like nothing else!

The Square Foot Estimating Chart Have confidence and estimate like a seasoned professional with this handy estimating tool. All the figuring has been done for you. It’s very accurate and easy to use. No guesswork involved.

The Range Sheet Ready to make more money per sale? With this worksheet you can actually propose a range of price to your potential client. By using this the right way, you can add on up to an additional 50% on top of what you would quote them as shown in the Square Foot Estimating Chart. It’s truly a beautiful thing to make more per sale, and more money for the same amount of effort.

The Introduction Letter Leave a lasting impression and distinguish yourself from the competition with this outstanding introduction letter. You will grab customer attention and your business will increase. This letter in itself can actually get new business for you without doing any “selling” at all.

With these four documents you will have the best chance of securing sales. And here’s the best part… We could sell these for $100 easy. But here at Clean Up The Profits we have already had success, so we’re all about giving people a hand up in the world. With that being said the cost of investment for your business to obtain this downloaded package is only $24.95. Order Now!