Document Packages To Increase
Your Cleaning Business
Professionalism and Profits

Some people, perhaps you, feel they don’t need the entire kit whether it be for Office Cleaning or House Cleaning. They just need the documents in their business. Which is not a problem, as we have now set up document packages for you.

After all, this is the most requested offer that we are asked for, so it only made sense to provide you the customer, with what you want. And allow that to be a business lesson for you as well, that sometimes even if it’s not part of the plan, you have to make it right for the customer no matter the industry.

So without further delay, below are our 2 document packages available to you…

The Correspondence Package – This package contains the Invoice Template, the Bid Follow Up Letter, and the Reminder Letter. With these letters, you can get your foot in the door, and keep on their minds until they sign on the dotted line. Click Here To Learn More!

The Bid Package – This package contains the Professional Service Agreement, Introduction Letter, The Range Sheet and the Square Foot estimating Chart. With these four documents you and your sales force will be able to get more clients, and do so with accurate profitable estimates. Click Here to learn more!