The square foot estimating chart on page 34 of the Instant Office Cleaning Kit makes it easy to price offices that are under 10,000 sq ft. These are the smaller offices that are typically cleaned 1, 2, or 3 times a week.

The offices that require cleaning 5 times a week are normally the large office buildings.

When you are to estimate an office building that is OVER 10,000 sq ft It is priced differently.

On an account that is cleaned 5 times a week there is an average of 22 cleaning days a month.

Multiply your total sq ft by a cent figure. That will give you a monthly amount based on cleaning 5 times a week. Price guidelines explained in the Instant Office Cleaning Kit are accurate and can be used with confidence when estimating and bidding.

Now divide that monthly amount by 22 (days) to determine the individual price per cleaning.

For each additional restroom (over 2 restrooms), you would add a few dollars more onto the individual price per cleaning. Then multiply your new price per cleaning by 22 to get the monthly amount ( based on cleaning 5 times a week.)

On accounts that want your service 5 times a week, you should offer them 2 different options on your bid (2 different prices) for their consideration.

One price for a Full Cleaning schedule done 5 times a week. The other price for a Light Cleaning/Full Cleaning sceduale.

Thats when a full cleaning is done 2 times a week and a light cleaning is done 3 times a week. On a light cleaning/ full cleaning schedule, you would still be there 5 times a week but a light cleaning would only include getting the trash,checking the restrooms and re-stocking them. Nothing else. No dusting and no vacuuming.

On a light cleaning night you can cut the price per cleaning in half when figuring your estimate.

I always recommend going after smaller office cleaning accounts. These are accounts that do not require service 5 times a week. That’s because an account that is serviced 2 or 3 times a week is more profitable then an account that is serviced 5 times a week.

A 5 night a week account may pay $3000 a month or more and a smaller account that gets cleaned less often would pay less each month but I still prefer the smaller accounts. I’m sure you would too.

A smaller account is easier to do. Requires less labor cost and the individual price per cleaning is actually more profitable than that of a 5 night a week account. Large accounts are typically cleaned by large cleaning companies. They already have lots of accounts and the manpower needed to knockout a large office building and move on to the next.

Your business may get that way one day too but When you are just getting started you don’t want your business to be centered around one large account.

Build your business with smaller offices first. They are easier and faster to clean then a large office building. They are profitable and your cleaning business will become more secure this way then if you were dependent on one large account.

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Learn how to get started, how to price the jobs and how to get customers.

*Dollar amounts shown are based on my personal results. Individual results vary.


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