We have been flooded with requests to offer something new. And finally, those requests have been answered with the number one thing we have been asked for…

What is the number one thing we have been asked for? A standalone product containing the documents offered in the “Instant Office Cleaning Kit“. We have them separated into two packages because they both serve different needs in your cleaning business.

The Package Deals

The first package is the “Correspondence Package“, which contains the following:

  • Invoice Template – With this invoice template, you will be seen for what you are, a Professional Cleaning Service Company.
  • Bid Follow Up Letter – With this follow up, you’ll have your potential clients signing away on your Service Agreement with a smile on their faces.
  • Reminder Letter – The more you’re on their minds, the less they’ll forget, and the more sales you’ll make.

The second package is the “Bid Package“, which contains these vital documents:

  • Professional Service Agreement – A deal isn’t a deal unless if you have it in writing. With this Agreement, your client will know what to expect from you and your company, and you’ll know what you’ll be paid each month.
  • Introduction Letter – Show you mean business right from the start. Introduce yourself and your company to the clients and start with your best foot forward.
  • Estimating Chart – With this chart it makes coming up with the service fees as easy as pie!
  • The Range Sheet – With this visual aid, you can easily increase your profits by adding more revenue without additional effort. If used effectively it can increase your service fees by up to 50% and all without lifting a finger.

There you have it, the 2 newest products we offer for your business, just because you asked for them! All they’re waiting on is for you to order, download, and customize them so you can use them for your business. Are you ready to get these documents and put them to work for you? Check them out here! 

Striking Gold

Here’s a golden nugget for you as well, if you’re not up for customizing the documents to match your branding, after you order you’ll see a really good deal we have set up for you to where John and his team will customize the documents for you for a small fee. Trust us, it’s well worth it!

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