There is a misconception about the cleaning business that you need lots of cleaning supplies and equipment to get started. The fact is… If you have an old vacuum cleaner, spray bottles and rags or can borrow them, then you can get started making money.

You don’t ever need to own a floor machine or a carpet cleaning machine. If you want to perform those types of jobs you can always rent that equipment at a janitorial supply store. Floor cleaning is a service business in itself. You can simply recommend a floor service to a potential customer when you need too. You don’t ever have to get into doing floor jobs at all.

The routine cleaning is where the regular repeat income is at. The routine cleaning that gets done in both commercial office cleaning and residential house cleaning requires a very minimal amount of cleaning supplies. Once you get your first check for doing the work you will then have the money to purchase additional supplies for the next job.

The most used cleaning liquids are an all purpose cleaner and glass cleaner. You’ll need a vacuum cleaner and a broom too. Most commercial and residential jobs have some cleaning supplies on location that you could use to get the work done at first.

Any kind of an upright vacuum cleaner will get you started. Customers don’t ask what supplies you have or what kind of a vacuum cleaner you use. They really don’t care about any of that. They just want a good job done and you can do it for them. You can also use whatever vehicle you have at the moment. Again, customers don’t care what kind of a vehicle you use, they just want their office or home cleaned and that’s what they will pay you for.

With the first few jobs you do you can accumulate more cleaning supplies as needed.

Many people have gotten started in both commercial and residential cleaning without even having a license or insurance. Honesty is the best policy. If you explain to a potential customer that you are just getting started, most people will understand this and give you a break.

Depending on the city you live in the cost for a business license is minimal and you can activate insurance when you need it with so much down to get started.

Most businesses require thousands of dollars just to start with so much investment needed for rent, inventory and advertising. According to the Small Business Administration, more than half of small businesses only survive for about 5 years. In comparison, the success rate for a service business and especially for a cleaning service is very good with a bright future.

The U.S. Dept. of Labor reports that our economy is fast becoming a service based economy and you can profit from it. A cleaning service of your own has very low start up cost, low risk and very good profits.

Don’t let a minimal amount of cleaning supplies stop you from cleaning up the profits. Get started and make money in your own cleaning business. Many people start off small and grow their cleaning business to bringing in thousands of dollars every month. Earning a full time income from part time hours is typical in the cleaning business. You can do it too.

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