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Order right now and you'll get 4 BONUS REPORTS included with your kit. These are extra services that offices pay for in addition to the cleaning of their office. This exclusive information is in your Bonus Pack


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You'll get the inside scoop and all the details on how to make money from these 4 profitable "add-on" services that all offices pay for. You'll receive very useful and detailed information in these 4 bonus money making reports. You could make a business out of any one of these extra "add-on" services like my friend Bill Holland did.

He made so much money from the service described in (bonus report #4) that he bought a second house in North Carolina as a vacation home. This one service by itself is really a big moneymaker and very lucrative. Read all about it in your bonus report #4. It is filled with priceless details, so you can do it too.



Listen...office cleaning really, really is RECESSION-PROOF! Think about it! The clients are successful, affluent people like doctors. They make money in good times and bad times .They need a clean office and they pay to have it done. Not only that, but...OFFICES WITH PROFESSIONALS IN THEM ARE EVERYWHERE and believe me, they have the money to pay you well.

Just one small office that only gets cleaned once a week amounts to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of extra income for you. What better way for you to survive a bad economy than to have some involvement in this recession proof money making business?


From a small office that only gets cleaned once or twice a week you can profit. Many people hold down a full time job and get started with just one small office cleaning account like Barbara did. Barbara works as a secretary for a construction company office and needed a way to make extra income. Her boss was going to hire a private cleaning service to clean the office. Barbara used the square foot estimating chart from the kit and put the price on the service agreement. After handing it to her boss...guess who got the job?

Barbara is not really in the cleaning business. Barbara is a secretary. She cleans just one office part-time... and socks away an extra $648 dollars every month! You can too!

Listen my friend, what you need is QUALITY INFORMATION that will really help you get accounts, time and time again. Then YOU CAN RECEIVE LUMP SUM CHECKS every month too!

You must know how to price it right, that's why your kit includes "A SQUARE FT. ESTIMATING CHART."

You can get your own office cleaning account with the INSTANT OFFICE CLEANING KIT. I'm using it right now to make money in the office cleaning business, and you can too!

> > >You get paid a guaranteed income, not an hourly wage.< < <

  • Insurance company office pays $1995 dollars every month.
  • Office building pays $1590 dollars every month!
  • Car dealership office pays $848 dollars every 2 weeks!
  • Doctors office pays $309 dollars every 2 weeks!
  • Medical associate group pays $840 dollars every month!

Not bad for a PART-TIME job! Listen, it's the ultimate paying part-time job for you too! I mailed JUST ONE POWERFUL LETTER to get these accounts, and that letter is included in your kit. I got these part-time "OFFICE CLEANING ACCOUNTS" and others just like them using the EXACT SAME INFORMATION you will get in your INSTANT OFFICE CLEANING KIT.

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Look at the table of contents here.

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