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Within a few miles of your home, there are many people willing to pay for a private home cleaning service. There is money to be made in residential cleaning jobs and you can make it. There are so many households in which both adults are working that some of these people don’t have the time or interest in cleaning their own home.

In addition to this large group, there are many retired people who, even though they are home almost every day, are simply not interested in cleaning their own home or are no longer able to do it themselves; however, they want it to be done. Cleaning up is big business!

It is entirely up to you how many customers you want to take on. You can keep your cleaning service part-time or turn it into full-time. For example: if you clean only one home every day then you will have the morning or afternoon free for yourself. If you clean more than one home every day, you will be expanding your business and of course making more money. The hours you work are in your control, and you are your own boss.

Many people in the house cleaning business start out as a simple one-person operation working alone.

Most of these people do a much better job than the larger cleaning companies and can get paid just as much money for doing it. You can too when you know how to price the job correctly.

The big advantage that you have over larger cleaning companies who have a cleaning crew working for them is that you can be in the customer’s home each time the work gets done and you can develop a personal relationship with the client.

This is why you can, and you should get paid just as much money as a larger cleaning service. All you need to get started is determination, a minimal amount of cleaning supplies, “which you may already have.”

There are people who start this service without any special license or insurance of any kind. This is possible, although there is an occupational license which you can obtain when you are ready.

You’ll want to have a service agreement which simply points out exactly what work will be done and for how much.When you write down a price on your service agreement and give it to a customer you will be getting paid a specific sum of money everytime you do the job. Even if you are doing the job yourself, you are a private and professional cleaning service.

House cleaning is a great repeat service business to make money from even if you don’t want to do it full-time.

You will most likely never do it on a full-time basis because the entire business can be operated within part-time hours. You could schedule more than one home a day to be cleaned and then take the next day off. You don’t clean homes in the evening hours and usually not on the weekends either. In contrast, offices are cleaned in the part-time evening hours. Many people getting started in their own cleaning business faster with residential cleaning.

Speaking of cleaning offices, the best part about this is the two services doesn’t interfere with each other at all because residential cleaning is done in the daytime hours and office cleaning is done in the part-time evening hours. They complement each other very well.

Many people use the same company name and business license to get residential customers and to get office cleaning customers. You can too.

Your own house cleaning service with residential customers can typically earn you up to $795 dollars a week or more working your own flexible part-time hours (If you put the work in to get the customers and keep them happy).

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Some people want their home cleaned once a week, some people want it done every other week, and some people just want it cleaned once-a-month. However, they are all repeat customers who will pay you on a regular basis and the money adds up fast!

You can start out working by yourself; however, this is an excellent two-person operation. If you have someone helping you do the cleaning, it would be very realistic to increase the number of jobs you do each week, and your profits would be that much greater. Also, if you have a helper and you need to take off work for whatever reason, then that helper can fill in for you, and you could still make money from the job.

You can clean houses part-time and make a tremendous amount of extra income. All you need is one customer to get started, and you can get it. You’ll want to get all of the individual clients within the residential market that you can get because they are very profitable.

When you are ready to get started, check out the SBA  “Small Business Administration” first. To legally perform work you’ll need to register your business and obtain a business license from your state.

The Small Business Administration has a State lookup tool to help you identify the requirements in your state.  Having a business license out of the way will make it easier to open a bank account in your business name when you are ready for it.

You can discover more about getting your House Cleaning Business off the ground by investing in our “Instant House Cleaning Kit“.

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