Office managers are very much like the rest of us. They go to work. They make decisions. They try to do their best. So what are they looking for in a cleaning service? Some people think that all the managers care about is the price but that is not true. Many times they hire a higher priced cleaning service instead of a lower priced one. The experienced office manager knows they get what they pay for. If your price is the lowest price for cleaning you will be viewed as the lowest quality service for their office and that is not what most offices want at all. Don’t assume that your price needs to be low to get the account.

The price for your cleaning service needs to be where it should be. Not too low and not too high but certainly profitable for you.

Office managers are impressed with honesty and sincerity. They like the idea that you will be on the job and only a new cleaning service can promise that.

Office managers don’t want different people in their office all the time. When your cleaning service is new, you should always make it clear that you can be on the job with your help making sure the work is getting done right.

Make The Sale by Impressing the Office Manager

Office managers look for someone they would consider employing to work in their office as an employee. When meeting an office manager in person the first time, you should always dress nice and clean. Your not an auto mechanic so don’t dress like one when you meet them. You have one chance to make a first impression so keep that in mind. Try to find common ground with the decision maker. Church, hobbies or whatever it may be.

The more they like you, the greater your chance is of becoming their cleaning service so always meet the decision maker in person. If they seem unwilling to meet you in person you should still push for that. Don’t settle for dealing with a receptionist who is not the person making the final decision.The manager will remember you from meeting you in person. You will stand out from any other services who were content to simply speak on the phone,mail a letter or deal with the receptionist.

They may not say it but office managers want to see the person behind the cleaning service. They want to feel good about who they are giving the office key too and that can be you even if your cleaning service is brand new.

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