There are different ways and things to consider when figuring the price for an office cleaning bid. The way I’m going to explain to you is simple, easy, and accurate. You should have an understanding of this:

“The time it takes to clean,” versus, “the price per cleaning.”

With or without considering the following information, the square foot estimating chart in this Kit will be an easy guide for you to use. You don’t charge an hourly rate to clean offices. You should always bid your work “by the job” to make a decent profit. Always, price it at “so much money per cleaning,” not by the hour.

However, the actual time it takes to do the cleaning should amount to a minimum of $70 dollars an hour or more for a 2-person cleaning team. You can charge this much, and you can get it. The office managers have no idea how long it takes for you to clean their office and they don’t care. You should always consider the price based on at least 2 people doing the cleaning. You could do it by yourself, but it would take much longer to do.

Even on the smallest office in town that gets cleaned only once a week and may only take 30 minutes to clean, you should still, have a minimum charge of at least $70 per cleaning. As a rule of thumb, one person can do the complete routine cleaning on 2200 square feet of floor area in approximately one hour.

However, you should always think in terms of a 2-person cleaning team when you are pricing the job. So, 2200 square feet can be cleaned by 2 people in 30 minutes, instead of one hour. This would be a small office but in this example, $70 to $75 dollars or more, would be an appropriate “price per cleaning.”

A 4400-square foot office would take 2 people approximately one hour to do the routine cleaning. An appropriate “price per cleaning” in this example would be about $80 to $85 dollars or more.

Any office that is medically related in any way should always be priced 25% higher because they require more time-consuming work. For example, a medical office has treatment rooms in it, and each treatment room has a sink in it. Add 25% more for medical.

NOTE: Medical offices have a few trash cans in them with a red colored trash can liner. These trash cans are considered to be what is called “hazardous material,” and you are not required to empty them at all. An entirely different service does that, and not the cleaning service.

If you are estimating an office that has approximately 6600 square feet, then using a hand-held calculator, divide 2200 into 6600. Your answer is 3 hours. Now divide that in half, because 2 people will be doing the cleaning. 3 hours divided by 2, equals 1.5 hours.

It will take 2 people about 1 hour and 30 minutes to clean this office. If you are shooting for $70 to $75 dollars an hour or more, than this “price per cleaning” would be about $105 to $110 dollars.

The point is that you should consider and be aware of how long it will take to do the cleaning because of the hourly wages you will be paying to your helpers. Another little rule of thumb that you should consider is this: most offices have 2 restrooms in them. If the office has more than 2 toilets in it, then this would justify increasing your price for each additional restroom.

Also, a 5000-square foot medical office will have treatment rooms in it, and most every treatment room has a stainless-steel sink in it, to be cleaned. In contrast, a 5000-square foot real estate office will not have any treatment rooms with sinks in them, so you could make your “price per cleaning” on the lower side but add 25% more for medical offices.

So, how do you figure the bill for the month? First, you determine what you want your individual “price per cleaning” to be.

Then you do this:

Example: The office you are giving an estimate to, is only going to get cleaned once a week, at $70 dollars a cleaning. Now, multiply that weekly amount of $70 dollars times 52 (weeks), and you come up with a total annual amount of $3,640 dollars. Now, divide that annual amount of $3,640 dollars by 12 (months). The answer is $303.34 per month. This is how to do it.

This is the correct way of doing it. It is also very logical and justified. If you figure the monthly bill in any other manner, you would be shortchanging yourself, and you would also have to be changing their statement periodically over a 12-month period of time. This is the very fair and correct way to do it.

Note: The Instant Office Cleaning Kit contains examples, a detailed price chart and also a time estimate guide that are very accurate and easy to use.

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