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Costs almost nothing to start up –  No special training required – Clients are EVERYWHERE – Get Started NOW!

We’ve put together a complete home based Starter-Kit designed to help you succeed in the residential cleaning business. It contains the documents and information you need in a downloaded format. I’ve taken the mystery out of how to get customers and how to price the jobs. Nothing spells it out for you easier than this or gives you the specific information you must have to succeed. Let me tell you, the “Instant House Cleaning Kit” really gives you an amazing head start.

Booming Service Business

This residential market is “WIDE – OPEN” to anyone, AND it is, very profitable part-time work. Not only that but, there is a

During many years in the office cleaning businesspeople who were working late in their offices would often ask me to recommend a cleaning service to clean their homes.

I specialized in cleaning offices, so actually turned down these profitable residential jobs.

Howeveras the years went by, I discovered a very effective method, that you or anyone could use, (starting from scratch) to start making money in their own house cleaning business.

It’s a great way of getting customers in the residential market and getting them fast!

Maybe you just want to make extra income OR you have already started your own house cleaning business. Either way I assure you that you really need this approach to attract more profitable customers. Having your own residential cleaning service offers you freedom and unlimited opportunities.

Yes, House Cleaning really is a money-making opportunity! It’s a real roll-up-your-sleeves moneymaker in every city and town. Here’s the best part… You can start with no experience at all. Even if you’re on a limited budget, you have a terrific opportunity to make top earnings. Your new Starter-Kit shows you exactly how. Simply and easily.

I’ve also intentionally set the price low at $19.97, so you can more reasonably afford this investment in your business and future. 

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    • How to target the 6 different groups of prime customers for your service.
    • How to get customers the smart way without expensive advertising.
    • How much to charge. A simple formula that’s right on the money.
  • How to get started fast with little or no money out of pocket.

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    • The best and proven sales flyer you will ever use. There is no contest. This flyer is the best of the bunch. It has a unique feature that will help spread the word about your cleaning service like wildfire.
    • Step-by-easy-step instructions show you how to get started risk free, totally from scratch or expand your existing house cleaning business… with no additional costs.
    • A very simple, accurate and easy to use Estimating Guide. Use this to determine the price for each job from one room to large five room homes.
  • A Professional Service Agreement. Use it to write down the price on and give to any customer. It spells out exactly what is to be done.
  • 3 Bonus Reports that come without adding a single penny to your investment, that explains some of the profitable add on services you can add to your house cleaning business.

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Case Study

Linda was a hard working and responsible person. In the daytime, Linda was working as a waitress at a local restaurant and in the evenings she was working for me cleaning offices part-time.

I was asked to recommend a house cleaning service to someone, I recommended an employee of mine for the job named “Linda Baker”. 

Linda started her own residential house cleaning service with my help and advice. What is so exciting is what happened next!!!

Linda went from ONE… house cleaning customer to 26 CUSTOMERS… In only 90 Days and was bringing in over $40,000* part-time!

Linda followed my step-by-step methods that proved to work so effectively. This got her out of that waitress job she was in. This gave her hope for a better future. It also inspired meto make this information available to you.

Linda took advantage of this information and you can too. Now Linda works less hours for more money. She now has more free time than she ever had when working at a job for someone else. Linda is very happy about her new life and here is the great part!

Using this exact information for getting more customers, she is now typically earning$795 DOLLARS* EVERY WEEK, and only working PART-TIME to get it.

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I’m so sure you’ll be totally and completely satisfied when you purchase and download the “Instant House Cleaning Kit”. You have a full 60 Day money back guarantee to try it out and see for yourself. Give it a chance. You will be satisfied with it or your money back!

Start Your own House Cleaning Business

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Some Testimonials

Hi Sam, I bought your House Cleaning eBook last month and already have 7 customers!!!! I absolutely love your book and when I venture off to office cleaning, I am definitely getting the Office Kit

Lori Hoffmann, Missouri
Hoffmann Cleaning Services

I wish to thank you for the always useful information you have provided. We had already had an active “residential” cleaning service operating in Québec, Canada, when I found you and downloaded 2 of your business products. While we work in metric for the most part, and our languages are different, your information has been MORE than worth every penny.

Tim MacKinnion, Canada
Maid In Montreal

Sam, recently I ordered your residential cleaning Kit and I Immediately recovered the cost of the Kit on my next billing to a real estate management company. Your billing formula is giving me much better income as well as giving the property manager a more consistent bill for the residences I clean. Your products are a great help.

Debbie Tatum, Pennsylvania

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