The first thing you should do when starting your own cleaning business is to come up with a name for your business. You want it to be a memorable name and ideally, a name that stands out as professional and unique.

In case you ever decide to have a website for your cleaning business, you would want your company name to also be available for use as a domain name for a website.

You should select a name for your cleaning business that is no longer than 2 to 4 words. Your company name should include one of the following words in it: office, house, maids, crew, cleaning, commercial, residential. You could use another word but the main thing is that your company name clearly describes exactly what your business does. This could also be of help to you online with search engine optimization that would be helpful to someone trying to find your business on the internet. It is best to not use your personal name as the name of your cleaning business because if the day comes when you want to sell your business then a company name that could be easily transferable to someone else is best.You don’t just want your company name to fit in but to stand out.

An edgy or attention getting name is best.

Your company name should clearly tell people what your company does or what you want the name to evoke like the idea of a clean home or office for example. It will be easier to sell your company in the future if your personal name is not a part of it. A company named after your personal name gives the perception that the business is a one-person operation. A name other than your own will do a better job of representing your cleaning business.

Be sure to do your research before registering any business name to make sure it is available. It’s not difficult to come up with a name for your cleaning business that is available so have fun with it. Play around with different names and word combinations.  Remember, your company name will be on your business cards, letterheads, your business checking account, any advertising that you may do such as brochures and maybe even a website domain. Come up with a name for your business that your sure is available and one that you really do like.

Below I have a sample list of names for a cleaning service to give you idea’s. The names below could be used for either a house or office cleaning service.

You could use anyone of the names as is (if available).  You could add the words “house or office” to it or, “commercial or residential”. Some of the names below may already be in use as the name of a business in your local area and/or may already be a registered domain name for a website so check them out first. They are sure to give you some good idea’s for a name.

Business Name Ideas

– Angels Home or Office Cleaning

– Bright and Beautiful Cleaning

– Classic Cleaning Service

– Clean and Bright Cleaning Service

– Cleaning by Design

– Clean Machine

– Cleaning Solutions

– Clean Sweep

– Diamond Shine Cleaning Service

– Deep Clean Cleaning Service

– Dust Busters

– Down And Dirty Cleaning Service

– Do Right Cleaning

– Easy Clean Services

– Extreme Cleaning

– Happy (House or Office) Cleaners

– Heaven Scent Cleaners

– Heavenly House Cleaning

– Krystal Clean

– Krystal Clear Cleaning

– Lemon Fresh Cleaning

– Perfect Cleaners

– Perfectly Clean

– Premier Cleaning Service

– Prestige Cleaning

– Reflections Cleaning Company

– Select Cleaning Service

– Sparkling Clean

– Specialist Cleaning Services

– Spring Cleaning Service

– Spotless Cleaning Services

– Sunshine Cleaning Service

– Sundown Office Cleaning

– The Clean Sweep

– The Clean Team

– The Cleaning Crew

– The Dust Busters

– Well Done Cleaning Service

– White Glove Cleaning

  • The Professional Cleaning Service
  • The Complete Cleaning Service
  • The Cleaning Advantage

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