Purchasing a franchised office cleaning opportunity cost more than meets the eye. Usually a big chuck of cash up front to get started. Then whenever you want a new account you have to pay a hefty amount to the franchise company to get a new customer.

Then, they charge you a monthly fee based on how well you are doing. The more money you make the more money they take from your business.

They require you to sign contracts with them that include a non-competitive agreement in the event that you want out of the franchise cleaning and decide to do it on your own.

Most people who get involved with a franchise cleaning service go into it blind. They were sold on the idea that they can’t do it without the help of the franchise.

Nothing is farther from the truth. The office cleaning business is not rocket science. It’s not complicated at all. There are certain things you need to know alright but you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars and a monthly percentage of your cleaning business to learn them.

Independent small office cleaning companies start out small but they grow and can become a very big business without ever being involved in a franchise..

Try doing it on your own without the high cost of a franchise. You may surprise yourself and in no time at all realize that you can do it on your own. From getting new customers to hiring help and growing your cleaning business.

Depending on yourself is better than depending on sales people at a cleaning franchise. A franchise cleaning company tries to get new cleaning customers only for the purpose of selling them to the next person who buys into the franchise or pays for new accounts. Once you understand how to price the jobs just right, nobody will do it better than you.

An office cleaning business is not like a well known fast food franchise. Ask anyone to name you a cleaning business and they would have to really think about that one.The office cleaning business is wide open to newcomers and it is a very real opportunity for anyone wanting their own business and willing to work at it.

Janitorial franchise companies make money by selling franchises. They are driven by high priced sales and selling the idea that it is an advantage for you to be connected to them.

Many independent self employed owners of janitorial services are very successful without any franchise involvement. Doing it yourself is rewarding and keeps you and your business independent and not dependent on someone else.

You can do it.


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