Everyone starts out in the cleaning business excited to get their first customer. When they do get it, they are on the job and doing the cleaning with one person helping them. Then the second customer comes along and the third customer too. At this point the owner of the cleaning service is still on the job with one or two people helping them get the work done.

At some point you need to make a decision about the future of your cleaning business and the sooner the better. Do you want to keep your cleaning business a small operation and always be involved in the work? Do you want to grow a large cleaning business that you own and manage while other people do the actual cleaning for you?

If you continue being on the job all the time and participating in the work it will take so much of your time and energy that you simply won’t put the time and energy into growing your business like you should. If you are always on the cleaning crew then eventually you will become burned out on the work and question the value of your business. The cleaning business is a valuable business but you just may not be handling it the right way.

It is easy to get trapped in a small cleaning business that owns you instead of a growing cleaning business that you own.

If you like the idea of one day owning a cleaning business in which you have one or more cleaning crews doing all of the work for you, then you need to plan for it and lay the foundation for it now.

Spend your time getting new customers, hiring new people, training and managing your growing service business…instead of just being one of the cleaning crew members. It is a transition that you make from being a small cleaning business to a large cleaning business. Put yourself in a position to do that and have it as a goal.

Always being part of the cleaning crew instead of managing the cleaning crew will result in cleaning business that has very limited growth. You can’t be on every job and still grow your business. There is only so much time in a day.

The mistake most people make is in never making this transition from a small business to a large business.

How can you take on new customers when you are already cleaning so many hours each day? You can’t and you won’t want too. However, if you are managing your cleaning people and organizing your growing business, there will be plenty of time for you pursue new customers and continue growing your business.

It is easy to get trapped in a small cleaning business and wonder what went wrong. You can only do so much cleaning yourself but other people who work for you can clean more and more.

When you need another helper you hire one. When you need a new cleaning crew of 2 or 3 people to handle new customers you can hire them.
You can get yourself out of the labor end of your business and into the management side of it very quickly.

There is nothing wrong with owning a small cleaning business if that is what you want. Being trapped in a small business when you want it to grow is something you can avoid.

Don’t assume that it won’t happen to you. The working years of our life fly by.

Don’t remain in a small cleaning business when you have the ability to grow it into a large business. Make the transition from cleaning crew member to business manager. Change your mindset from a cleaner to a manager and grow your business. Duplicate your labor with the efforts of other people while you work on getting new customers, hiring and training new people. Build a growing cleaning business that you manage and you’ll find there is no limit to how many customers you can take on.

A big difference between a $20,000 a year mom and pop cleaning business and a million dollar a year cleaning business is the mindset of the owner. Decide which one you want your business to become and put on a new hat. Be the owner and manager of a growing cleaning business where the sky is the limit. You can do it.

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