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Now more than ever is a great time for anyone to start their own cleaning service business. All indicators point to a growing service industry in all areas of our economy. If you are looking for extra income or a full time business of your own, there are many types of commercial cleaning services to consider.

These types of commercial cleaning services include office cleaning, house cleaning, pressure cleaning and foreclosure cleanup. To start a business in the brick and mortar world can cost thousands of dollars. To start a service business of your own, can be done on a shoestring budget, make you a profit almost immediately, and grow very fast.

Once you get your first customer lined up, who is going to be paying you a specific sum of money every month, then you can purchase what you will need in the way of equipment or cleaning supplies. This way you do not have to spend any more money than is necessary before you are actually established. This is the risk free and easiest way to get started.

Many types of cleaning services can be started and operated out of your home. Your customers will never have any reason to come to your home. It would just be where your office is located. Your service is performed at their home or office so your overhead is very small and you won’t pay rent somewhere to do business.

No particular cleaning company dominates the cleaning service business. This enables you to start up your own business, from scratch, and offer additional cleaning services under one umbrella. In addition to office cleaning and house cleaning you can include pressure cleaning, foreclosure cleanup and more. Once you establish yourself with a customer, as the customers' needs change, they will be more likely to call you back and this results in repeat business and referrals.

The opportunity for you to get your foot in the door of your own cleaning business is very real, because the larger cleaning companies out there cannot compete with the quality of service that you can provide a customer even as a new business start up You can be on the job yourself and the larger companies send in different people all the time.

Ask anyone to name a fast food place and they can do it quickly. Ask anyone to name a service business and they would have to think about that one. That’s because nobody dominates the cleaning service business sector. It is a wide open opportunity today and always a good time to get started. You can begin looking for customers in your own backyard.

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