Beginning with your very first job, the profits are instant. Since you have such a low overhead and very little expenses, the profits are immediate. Labor cost typically run about 50% if other people are doing all the cleaning for you. If you are involved in the cleaning then the profits you will make are even greater.

House cleaning jobs and office cleaning accounts are everywhere including right near you. Start house or office cleaning and increase your income from this repeat service. Cleaning houses or offices are never a one shot deal but are done on a regular basis. Residential cleaning is typically done once a week or twice a month while office cleaning is done at least once every week.

Read more about the difference between cleaning houses and offices and which one might be better for you at our other article “The difference in House Cleaning and Office Cleaning“.

Minimal cleaning supplies are needed and most people already have what they need to get started. An upright vacuum cleaner is a must and you can use whatever cleaning supplies you already have to get started.

Profits are produced with the very first job you do due to the minimal supplies and equipment required in this business.

Some people go after both house and office cleaning accounts because residential cleaning is done in the daytime and offices are cleaned in the evening hours. They don’t interfere with each other at all. Just one commercial office cleaning account can replace the income from a full time job. It depends on the size of the account.

You can read more about this on yet another article we wrote at “Minimum Cleaning Supplies equals Maximum Profits“.

Small offices are very valuable too.

A small office that gets cleaned only once a week can produce several hundred dollars each month and it won’t take many of these gems to provide you with a full time income. Most new businesses require such a large amount of start up capital and rent that it takes several months before the owner makes a profit. Starting your own cleaning service is much easier than any other type of business. You can discover more information at this article “Cleaning Small Offices vs Large Office Buildings

No single company dominates this market and it is wide open to new comers.

Just start with what you have where you are. There are many residential customers and offices in every city and town. You get them one at a time and the income adds up fast. You don’t need to pay for advertising or rent office space. You just need your first customer.

Go after them directly by communicating with the decision makers in person, over the phone or with letters but at some point you always want to meet with them in person. This direct way is the best way and it works better than any amount of expensive advertising. After all the best way to market is use low cost effective means, on top of the articles we wrote on getting contracts, below we have included some of our favorite books on the topic. We do receive a commission if you purchase through the Amazon links below, however these are books that we have personally read, and recommend. 

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