Clean Up The Profits was started back in 2002 with the goal of helping people to start their own office cleaning business by Sam Rodman. He was already helping guide people he met or already knew to start their cleaning companies and really enjoyed that feeling of giving someone a hand up in life. Mattter of fact he wanted to help more, and on a bigger scale so the original Instant Office Cleaning Kit was born. It was the first of it’s kind available on the internet back then, and is still the premier kit available today as it’s still being updated each year to keep with the changes in the industry.

Since then Sam has created other courses and made them available to entrepreneurs that has helped them within the United States and beyond. Sam has always been inspired by the success stories of the people that he helps, and wants to help you too. Check out his own words during a recent interview below:


“I was always happy to help people start their own cleaning business. There is so much business all around and more than enough to go around. People who worked for me cleaning offices who wanted to be their own boss just needed a little help and I would give it to them.

After helping many people get started I put together the “Instant Office Cleaning Kit” to help anyone, anywhere who wants a full time income from part time hours. I just put it all together in a step by step manner and spell it all out.”


Starting in 2018 Sam wanted to expand his ability to help people so he brought on board a friend, John Morgan to lead a rebranding effort to Clean Up The Profits. Together they started to give a university feel to the brand but without the high cost, high barrier to entry, and definitely without all of the red tape. Their mission to Clean Up The Profits is to allow everyone to have the knowledge and tools to start their cleaning business as quickly, as affordably, and as easily as possible… And it still all begins with the original Instant Office Cleaning Kit and Instant House Cleaning Kit!