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About My “Clean Up the Profits” Programs

I specialize in comprehensive small business start-up courses and manuals related to the fast-growing world of office/home cleaning.  My teaching methods are direct, and simple to understand because I use the same approach as that used by the Wall Street Journal, I write everything at a 7th/8th-grade reading level.

I do this to have mass appeal to as many people as possible.  And my prices are intentionally low to be available to everyone interested in starting their own home business.

These are the highest quality manuals, and GREAT-QUALITY Software programs. In fact, the BEST software in its class as Freeware. This is the most important asked question in my FAQs

Freeware means there is no charge for it, and it may be given away free or sold.  For example, one of the most appreciated and highest download software in the world is “Open Office.”

It is generally compared to Microsoft’s “Office,” a suite of programs, including a word processor, publishing program, spreadsheet, database, email client, and etc.  “Open Office,” has all these and is so popular it is sold on eBay, as well as offered free.

Another highly popular disc sold worldwide, composed exclusively of Freeware, Is Hiram’s Utilities (Sold under a few different names). It is used by sophisticated computer service people everywhere. Most of the buyers are willing to P this disc, even though they could download the software for free.

They choose to purchase it for all the reasons stated above. One more benefit with “Sam Rodman’s Master Business Suite,” as I update it once or twice a year. Every year I do a complete update with the “Best of the Best,” in the latest versions of already included software, and change it out for something NEW when practical.

Some ask, why would I buy a disc including all this software when I can freely download it? A parallel question could be, why do people still read newspapers, magazines, Blogs, and newsletters, when by doing research, they can find much of that information for FREE.

Just having to research all this software would you require you to locate, and review at least 5-10 DIFFERENT SOFTWARE PACKAGES FOR EACH CATEGORY such as a Paint, or accounting program.

The brief answer is, it takes considerable time to research, find, compile, and evaluate the content, and software on “Sam Rodman’s Master Business Suite.”  You SAVE A LOT OF TIME using my program disc. 

I’ve already done the research and evaluation for you. I’m saving you immeasurable amounts of time when you consider you would have to find, review, and evaluate upward of 90+ different software to find the best. This package was compiled in a study performed by Brentwood Institute, and I’ve increased its value even more by adding my Password Protected PRIVATE CLEANING SERVICE RESOURCE CENTER, available FREE to ALL purchasers of my cleaning service business start-up programs.

And I offer additional resources for setting-up and operating

your small home business, not available elsewhere through my website Cleaning Service Resource Center, available ONLY to Buyers of my system/

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