Starting or Expand Your Own
Cleaning Business Can Be
Easy When You
Know How

Cleaning businesses are amongst the lowest cost businesses to start. You don’t need a franchise, nor do you necessarily need any fancy equipment. All you need is determination, attention to detail, some basic supplies, a can do attitude, and a good system.

The basic supplies such as chemicals, rags, a vacuum cleaner, etc. can be found just about anywhere. The determination, attention to detail, and a can do attitude are all things that belong to you and your personality… But a good system… Now that can’t be just found anywhere. Luckily, you found Clean Up The Profits, the one place that has the proper know how and experience to offer you the very system you need to start your cleaning business… And do so, without breaking the bank.

No, we’re not a franchise, a business opportunity, or any other type of marketing scheme. We’re course providers. We use things like ebooks to teach you how to start your cleaning business the right way quickly and easily! Check out our Top Courses below!

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Sam Rodman

Sam Rodman


Sam is Founder of and author of the original cleaning kits. Besides helping people start their own cleaning business, he likes to exercise so he can maintain his health. He's lost 100 lbs proving you can do anything you need to in life if you just have the right mindset.

John Morgan

John Morgan

Branding Strategist

John came on board in 2018 to lead a new direction for In his spare time you'll find him spending time with his family, enjoying the outdoors and going on treasure hunts at local thrift stores and flea markets.

What previous students have said

Sometimes you just have to take their word for it!

Myra Pearson


"The care and attention to detail you provide in your Kit, assures success to anyone who follows your guidelines. It would have been a bargain at three times the price!"


First Choice Cleaning; Maine

“I just wanted to say that your “Clean Up The Profits” Kit has helped my husband and I to start a very lucrative business. We now have 3 employees and have a monthly income of $6000 dollars! Thank you.”

Dennis Griffin


“I almost spent thousands of dollars for a cleaning franchise. What a mistake that would have been. After receiving your kit, I now have the confidence to do it myself. Thanks again.”


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